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Back in central Pennsylvania, they have stop signs at intersections in neighborhoods. It’s a very hilly state, but speed bump free until you get to a shopping mall or grocery store parking lot.

Then I flew out here to Phoenix for my job interview, picked up my nice new rental car, and found my way to the hotel.  Aside from a few speed bumps at the airport, it was pretty ordinary.

The next day I was driving down a street and trying to read the signs, when all of a sudden I’m catching air and bottoming out in the nice new car. As I cringed and look back to see what the heck I ran over, I see this…..wide, yet smooth speed bump. Puzzled and curious, I turned onto another street and started to realize that these big speed bumps all over the place.

I found out later they are actually called Speed Humps. But bump or hump, they’re all there to slow you down or damage your ride if you don’t.

I have come to  appreciate the extra piles of concrete put in place to keep traffic under control. I’m a city girl and I have a little girl and pets. If something or someone runs out into the middle of the road, I can count on Phoenix’s stop signs,  humps, bumps, and dips to lessen any potential impact.

So if you’re visiting Phoenix for the first time, this girl from central PA recommends you use a GPS and keep your eyes on the road.


I lived in central Pennsylvania for 36 years. I was born in the Harrisburg Hospital, lived in West Hanover township for 9 years, then moved to Camp Hill for 8 years. I went to Shippensburg University, which is about 45 minutes southwest of Harrisburg. Then I lived in Mechanicsburg, and finally bought a house in the historic district of uptown Harrisburg. I could see the Capitol building dome from my third-floor loft. Then a few years later, my daughter was born in the Harrisburg Hospital too.

How I came to Arizona is another story, but I’ve been here for 3 1/2 years.  During that time, I’ve come to learn a lot about Arizona….and having only one other state to really compare it to, I do so all the time.

So, that’s going to be a big focus on my blog.  I’m sure it will be invaluable to anyone considering the move from central PA to AZ 🙂



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